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RADpage - CGI Comparision

CGI Script RADpageComponent
General Operation Shows it's own page Is placed on an existing page
Layout Inclusion HTML templates or even programs must be adapted Components are placed on existing pages.
Layout Modification HTML templates or programs need modification Pages with components can be edited using RADpage, HTML, or XML editors.
Configuration Program parameters need to be adapted Clicking on the component opens an editor for the components properties
Configuration Checking CGI Script must be tested after configuration Many parameters are checked in the entry form, testing happens automatically during editing
Extension CGI script must be changed which requires programming Additional components can be added to the page, action methods of components can be programmed, components can be adapted using object-oriented inheritance.
Upgrades Configuration and Custom Changes must be redone Configuration and overridden methods are kept in XML files (or HTML) page files.
Installation Each script must be installed and configured. RADpage is installed once and then components can be added with the editor.
Scalability Scripts must be adapted to use high speed server API. RADpage CGI and server API version are fully compatible.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I. See "Was ist AJAX? " (in German). In Germany H.E.I. provides Webdesign in Mannheim and Web Programming (Programmierung).
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