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Database Search


A database search applications consists of a search form, a table showing the result, and optionally a detailed record view. The user can fill out the search form to search for all matching records in the database (Demo see Download Package) .Per default the search form does a substring match on all fields filled out in the search form. So for example entering "soft" into the kind filed searches for all records whose kind field contains the string "soft". Alternatively you can select a search form with selectable comparision operator (Demo see Download Package) . Display and formatting works as in the Database Display application.


Use the RADpage wizzard ("New Page" in the "File" menu) and select "Database Search". Then you can select the display, the database relation to show, and wether you want to use the detailed record view or not, and wether you want selectable comparision operators. In a second step you can select what record fields to show in the search form, in the table and in the detailed record view.


Formatting of the record display works as for Database Display.

If comparision operators are selected, you can select the default operator, and wether the user can select the operator or if it is fixed.

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